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We develop and produce mirrors, bathroom mirrors and ceiling mirrors for hotels, hostels, holiday parks and cruise ships. And as our mirrors are produced in Europe, we can offer fast delivery. We keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest technical conditions that apply in each country in the field of plugs, electrics, voltage and applications relating to waterproofing standards. There’s so much variation to choose from in terms of shape, size and smart technical options. From standard to luxury mirrors. As the materials we use are both lead and copper-free and corrosion resistant, our mirrors are suitable for hotel rooms and bathrooms.

Dutch Mirror Factory mirrors are produced from durable materials, making them extremely robust and suitable for frequent cleaning. Our mirrors are also easy to install, affordable and available from just a few items to large quantities. Despite the high material quality and production according to European standards, things can go sometimes wrong, through no fault of your own. That’s why we offer a 2-year warranty on every mirror.


There are so many options in terms of shape and material. We keep ourselves up-to-date on all your sector’s latest trends and technical developments. Our designers can design luxury mirrors for you or in co-creation with you. We also produce the technical drawings. You can opt for round, square, rectangular, organic or oval mirrors to fit on a dressing table or in the bathroom or hotel room. You can also offer your guests the opportunity to shave in a mirror with up to three to five times magnification. These are multi-room mirrors with lighting which can be finished in a variety of frames including aluminium and stainless steel, and in a huge range of colours including black, brass, gold, bronze, gunmetal and just about every colour in between. We can also offer heating pads for mirror demisting. Furthermore there are countless options including a built-in clock, Bluetooth receivers and all types of sandblasting. We always think in terms of solutions and, as we’re located in Europe, we can respond rapidly to all your requirements.


We express our innovative side in our mirrors through various smart technical options such as LED lighting. We also offer mirrors with infinitely adjustable lighting colours from cold white to warm white. The latest generation of sustainable and high-quality LED Dutch Mirror Factory mirrors are offered in standard sizes or can be custom made, with options including with or without silicone, in LED RGB with remote control and various switches, such as dimmable touch switches behind glass, tilt or infrared switches.


Our standard mirrors are equipped with a wide range of conveniences, such as dimmable sensors or integrated touch switches. The mirrors have built-in heating to keep your LED mirror condensation free. And, as we have the standard sizes in stock, we can always supply these quickly.


We can offer you so many options and we’re always delighted to help you find a solution that’s right for you. If you prefer, we’ll visit you to get to know you and get a good idea of all your requirements. That’s what makes Dutch Mirror Factory mirrors so special. If you work in the hospitality sector and have questions about our products and/or about cooperating with us, please feel free to contact us. Or email us at .