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Are you searching for a mirror that is more than a reflection of reality? We use our clear vision to produce mirrors of top European quality. We are Dutch Mirror Factory; a Dutch company located in the east of the country. We made our name as a designer and developer of standard and innovative mirror concepts at an affordable price. As well as standard mirrors, we also develop custom-made mirrors and mirror concepts for the hospitality sector, hairdressers, gyms, theatres, and much more. And we are starting to specialise in mirror concepts for care and healthcare.

We can produce and supply all kinds of mirrors including round, oval, square or rectangular, finished in a wide range of frames, and with LED lighting, infrared, Bluetooth, radio or with a clock. We supply custom-made and private-label mirror collections to the bathroom industry and wholesalers as well as directly to the hospitality and beauty sectors. And if you want just a few mirrors or large quantities, that’s no problem. Dutch Mirror Factory mirrors are sold in most bathroom showrooms, so if you’re a consumer you can just visit a showroom near you. If you have any questions, please send an email to .


Dutch Mirror Factory is known for its fast delivery, flexibility and quality. We are a committed supplier of attractively priced mirrors that meet all European quality, safety and warranty standards. This is partly a result of our strategic decision to use components of mainly European origin. We also only use high-quality materials and CE certified components. Before our comprehensive collection of mirrors leaves the factory, they are subjected to extensive technology and safety testing in line with current European legislation. Cooperation with our European partners ensures that we can produce and deliver custom-made mirrors and meet any special technical requirements quickly and flexibly.


Our head office and our Dutch factory are a true reflection of Dutch Mirror Factory’s innovative vision. A team of specialists monitors product quality, ensuring that our mirrors offer more than ordinary mirrors. We can integrate smart options including heating pads, touch sensors, Bluetooth and LED lighting in almost every mirror design.


Dutch Mirror Factory would be delighted to contribute to your brand's or company’s success by providing you with mirrors that reflect quality. As a reliable research and development partner, we develop products that add real value to your collection or category. If you or your customers need any convincing about the quality, just take a good look in our mirrors.


Our living environment is important to us; now and in the future. That’s why we think it is important that our mirror production supports the circular economy. Glass can actually be reused time and time again without any loss of quality. Melting glass cullet into new glass saves energy and reduces flue gas emissions, such as CO2. We work together with various partners within a national system of glass collection and transportation, with the end result being the transformation of our glass waste into new glass for our mirrors.

We also use recycled protective corners when transporting our mirrors. Every little thing helps, and we firmly believe that nothing we use for short periods should pollute our planet for decades.